Early Stage And Growth Investing

Blue Heron invests in entrepreneurs first and foremost.  Great entrepreneurs create great businesses that make great products that meet market and customer needs or make new markets and create new customers.  And we believe that great entrepreneurs also often make their own luck.  So for us at Blue Heron it all starts with the person.  Do they want us as a partner and do we want to partner with them on the journey of building a new business?  That is the question for us every time.


Amplify.LA Capital II, L.L.C. –  The premier start up accelerator in Los Angeles located in Venice, California.

Basepoint Ventures II – Special Purpose Vehicle led by Nate Redmond, Managing Partner of Alpha Edison,  and former Managing Partner of Rustic Canyon.  Basepoint invested in House Canary on its Series A

Future VC  – Solving hard world problems through technology; and doing so for the better.


BluLogix, LLC –  Mobile telecom billing company founded by the founders of Apptek. – The future of self-storage. Completed a Series A  with Sequoia and Series B with Atomica.

House Canary – Predictive real estate data and insights. Completed several rounds of subsequent funding.

PEBBLEPOST, Inc. – Series Seed Investor. Merging digital and physical to create a new category, Programmatic Direct Mail. They have completed their Series B and are on track for record growth.

SPACES Inc. – Pre-seed investor. Company providing platform for Virtual Reality “SPACES,” content development, and Virtual Reality theme park attractions. They have finished a round of notes and a Series Seed round lead by Songcheng, the largest theme park company in China.

VidMob, Inc. –  First investor in Vidmob’s seed round of financing. Your personal “on-demand production department” for video content. Partnered with Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest and other social medial companies.


MyFox SAS – European leader in home security sold to Somfy Group European technology company.

Oculus VR, Inc. – Virtual Reality company radically redefining digital entertainment.   Sold to Facebook, Inc. for $2.3 billion in 2014.


Blue Heron Ventures Inc. finances the legal fees at formation, seed and series A for startup clients of O&A through Convertible Notes and SAFEs. Spaces and Vidmob are graduates from the O&A Startup Program.

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